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The UNO CCELL® Battery is unmatched in the disposable vaporization hardware market. CCELL® Batteries are capable of producing 25% more vapor than other brands in the industry.

The UNO is inhale activated and the indicating invisible LED light flashes only when in use. The UNO uses a single-use disposable 0.5ML Pod.


  • One (1) CCELL® UNO Battery


    • Comes w/ Micro-USB Charger
    • Invisible Breathing LED Indicator
    • Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
    • Aluminum Alloy Housing
    • Magnetic Connection
    • Inhale Activated
    • Quality Circuit Board
    • Dimensions: 80 * 20 * 10.5mm

    New, 0.5ML UNO Pods for UNO Batteries can be found here.